Nivison's work on the Baroque flute was stunning; she blended historical interpretation with modern energy and flair, giving the best possible combination of historically accurate performance and lively, enjoyable interpretation. As arguably the most accomplished Baroque flutist in the state, her technique on this tricky instrument was fluid and infallible...

-- Andrea McKerlie Luke, CVNC Online Arts Journal, 2018 

Kelly Nivison Roudabush is a wonderful artist and teacher. She gave a beautiful performance and masterclass for my students at East Carolina University this fall. You could have heard a pin drop while she was playing, the class was so riveted. It is an all-too-rare treat to hear live Baroque flute music, but Kelly made the music live again and shared so much historically accurate information. She also put my students at ease and gave them lots of opportunity to try out new ideas. They are still talking about the masterclass. Get her while you can!

--Christine Gustafson, Professor of Music/Flute, East Carolina University

"[Couperin's Septième Concerts Royaux] was performed by flautist Roudabush and harpsichordist Streeter and bloomed with all the elegance and charm of a courtly soiree in Louis the Fourteenth’s private chambers."

-- Ken Hoover, CVNC Online Arts Journal, 2013

My daughters have been students of Kelly Roudabush’s for almost 5 months now. Not all musicians are good instructors, but Kelly is definitely both. Not only is Kelly an amazing flutist, but she is an excellent instructor and mentor. She identifies strengths and areas of continuous improvement with her students. With that knowledge, she customizes her lessons to foster and challenge those strengths, while driving improvement in the areas of need. Most importantly, Kelly creates a teaching environment that makes each student feel comfortable and excited to learn. Her feedback is always kind and constructive, and she never embarrasses a student if they make a mistake. Since starting with Kelly, my daughters’ sound more polished, they are playing with more confidence, and they are being challenged with more complex pieces than what they are seeing in middle school band. I can’t say enough wonderful things about what a fantastic and talented teacher Kelly is, and we HIGHLY recommend her!

– Deborah A., parent

Kelly is an awesome teacher and flutist. She tells me what I do wrong in a nice way, but mostly focuses on the good stuff. She is very complimentary. Kelly doesn't get frustrated if I can't get something. She helps me until I understand it. She knows exactly what I'm doing wrong and knows what I can do to fix it. I feel like I am a much better flutist since she has been my teacher. I really look forward to my lessons with her!

--Catherine A., student

[Kelly] provides an exhibition of accomplished techniques: scales and tricks, trills and flutters...and treats [her music] with concern for tonal felicity and a desired sensation of ease.

--Peter Jacobi, Herald Times, Bloomington, IN

Kelly worked super hard with me and never gave up. I have to say, I would still be playing Scarborough fair if it wasn't for Kelly. I knew I wanted to play flute for the rest of my life but I didn't have any direction of where to start. That was what super Kelly took as her first mission; she gave me step by step help and also let me watch her performances when she had a concert. Kelly also helped by giving me harder pieces, so I really had a challenge doing them, like I said, I would still be playing Scarborough fair if it weren't for Kelly. Now I am playing very hard pieces of work for my age like Telemann, Giga, Allegretto and others to come. Kelly helped me so much and encouraged me along the way she even came to some of my school recital (which by the way I rocked! Thanks to Kelly). Kelly and I made a very tight bond and awesome friendship. So if you EVER need someone ( and I believe not only flute) and want to learn an instrument, I so so so so so so recommend Kelly. She is everything you want in a music teacher. I give her 5 stars. One for dedication. One for talent. One for encouragement. One for friendliness, and one more for just being awesome !!!

-- Celina G., student